Values Statement – 2018



Charitable Objects: The Charity’s Objects, as stated in the Constitution of DAAS are:

  • To promote the prevention and identification of alcohol and substance misuse problems;
  • To assist those people in Derbyshire with those and related problems;
  • To advance education and awareness relating to alcohol and substance


ObjectivesDAAS delivers its charitable aims through four key business objectives. These are:

  • To reduce alcohol and substance misuse related harm throughout Derbyshire by providing access to substance misuse treatment services
  • To raise awareness and train health care professionals in substance misuse  knowledge and Brief Interventions
  • To widely promote the safe drinking and harm minimisation message
  • To ensure a robust management function to support the service to achieve our key aims.


Mission Statement : DAAS mission statement is:                                                                                                             “To promote positive change throughout Derbyshire to anyone adversely affected by substance misuse, including affected others”                                                                                                                                    Values: The Service subscribes to an ethos as outlined within the BACP Ethical framework for Good Practice in counselling and psychotherapy  and uses this to influence clinical policy, client contact and to ensure that staff within the Service subscribe to the values contained within the framework.


DAAS values are:

  • We treat others at all times with dignity and respect and promote a non-judgmental attitude in the work we undertake and the relationships we form;
  • We are inclusive in all areas of our service delivery and strive to promote equality in all areas of our service provision;
  • We seek to ensure that we always place our clients at the heart of what we do and what we are trying to achieve;
  • We believe that people have capacity for personal growth and development. We seek, therefore, to empower others as central to our ethos, through  client work, training and within the professional contacts we make, and the meetings we attend;
  • We strive to ensure that the services we provide for people meet their individual needs;
  • We put measures in place to ensure that the services we provide for clients and other professionals are professional, of a  high quality and yet are friendly and accessible;
  • We promote an ethos of continuous learning and development and ensure that we are open to new ideas and ways to improve the services we provide;
  • We ensure that we are an equal opportunity employer, invest in our work force and can demonstrate our appreciation of the contribution they make ( IIP);
  • We believe we can help to make a difference, we are proud of what we contribute, the outcomes we achieve and the ways in which we can evidence this.



Business ethos – Our  primary focus is to consolidate our quality service delivery to best meet the needs of our client base and our funders, rather than on growth and business acquisition. We will not compromise our charitable aims, our values and ethos for financial gain and will deliver our services with integrity, diligence and transparency. We will also look at developing  other areas in which we can deliver quality services based on our experience and expertise. This is aimed at providing benefit to the widest possible range of beneficiaries who fall within the remit of our charitable objectives.