Family Support Services

Derbyshire Recovery Partnership understands how much another person’s substance misuse can affect those around them.  The support we offer is designed to support the whole family or those closely affected with the primary aim of encouraging the drug or alcohol user into treatment or to support them to stay in treatment. If however the person in treatment does not wish you or another family member to be present, or to be involved, we have adhere to their wishes and maintain their confidentially.

Support we can offer you as a family member or carer

One to one support

Our programme aims to help family members develop improved awareness, understanding and communication skills in order to encourage their loved one into treatment. Once in treatment the family will have an opportunity to work together with the person using drugs and/or alcohol to improve knowledge and communication between all parties to help maintain recovery.

If you wish to have support for yourself but separate to the substance user, we can work with you over 3 sessions initially.  If the substance user does not wish to enter treatment we will then look at alternative services for you to ensure you continue to be supported.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training

We provide basic drug and alcohol awareness training for relatives and those affected by other’s substance use.  We understand that if you learn more about substance use it will be easier to communicate more effectively with the substance user and to make any decisions you may face.  These training events also provide the opportunity to meet with other people who may be going through something similar and can therefore offer a supportive and understanding environment.

Speak to your key Worker for further information on dates and times.