Client Views

We pride ourselves always to gather feedback on our services.

This allows us to quality control all the services we offer and is our way of ensuring us you will recieve exactly the same level of service.

Views from clients

“My health has improved my liver function back to normal and I am working again....result!”
“I realise now that I felt depressed and so ill, because I was drinking too much, but didn't know this or wasn't prepared to admit this at the time. The information about the health impact of alcohol that my counsellor talked me through, really helped me to see that I was literally killing myself and I know that remembering this will keep me motivated in the future to maintain the good health I am now enjoying”
“Since coming to DAAS I can't believe how much better I feel, I have more energy, feel happier and I am sleeping well, so thank you to the team, you are all great and quickly put me at ease”
“I didn't really realise that there was a service that would help me with controlled drinking, I thought I would have to stop altogether,it was a relief to find that someone was prepared to help me gain back control of my drinking. I have now done this and drink within safe limits, I feel SO much better- and know that if ever I start to increase my drinking I can get back in touch. thank you - keep up the good work”
“Great Help in the first six weeks following detox. Have maintained sobriety since DAAS input which was invaluable and easily understood. I met my counsellor at a time of crisis, she helped me through this and to get on top of drinking beyond brilliant!”
“The help I received was second to none, I felt embarrassed, afraid to make contact, but once I did, my worries soon went away, the counsellor was friendly and helpful and I have made great improvements I am confident that I will be able to enjoy life now without alcohol”

Views from friends and families of alcohol users

“As the partner of a drinker I thought that help would only be available if he wanted to help himself, but I couldn't be more wrong, I got some great support, which helped me to gain back control of my life, and to make some difficult decisions. The bonus was that this prompted my partner to come to DAAS with me, and then he got support for himself. We are still together and working hard at this, but he hasn't had a drink for three months now and family life is great!”

Feedback from professionals

“Alcohol affects so many of the people I work with, this training was informative and interesting, excellent!!”
“I now feel much more confident to raise the issue of alcohol with someone, thank you”
“The trainers were entertaining as well as informative, great session, loads of great handouts for future reference”
“The best training I've have ever had”

Hub Comments

“The staff who answer the phones are always friendly and helpful and quickly make you feel at ease.”
“I was impressed with the speedy response and friendly approach provided by the staff at the Single Point of Contact”